p>Here is some tools that I scripted to save a little bit of time in my animation process.

 I’m developing some little scripts for animators(on maya), to speed up our workflow (I’m not pretending this scripts are perfect, but every seconds that we could save could be useful in a creative way !)





Handy script to align objects(Translation, Rotation, Scale, ...). Run the script once, and then align objects just with middle cliking + CTRL + SHIFT.






The script sets the selected key to the same value as the next key.






The script set the selected Key to the same value as the previous Key.






The script selects the following keys from the same time ; For example, if you have a key selected with the value 20, the script will select all the neighbourhood keys which have as a value 20.






The script selects the keys from the same time ; For example, if you have a key selected at time 10, the script will select all the keys which are at frame 10.






The script will toggle the color of the selected key in the time slider. If no key selected, the script will toggle the keys on the current frame.






Snap the selection to current time.






This script creates a working-camera for animators : select a controler, run the script, and the camera called “cameranimator” will always point to the charact er. When the character is moving in the worldspace, the camera will follow him and you don't have to worry about dragging, scrolling and zooming in your scene to find him.


If you have any struggle with the installations, contact me. Feel free to give some feedback about how they could be improved. Whenever you have an idea about repetitive tasks where we can save time, give me a shout. There should be a way to automatise them!

 Enjoy :)